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Yundi College Art training Institution Locates at the north gate of Fuyang Teachers College which was original founded by Fanghou, the professor of Music department in Fuyang Teachers College, 1998.Yundi was later developed by the Headmaster Chenjun, as a professional training Institution which deliver professional Chinese College Art Entrance pre- Examination training course...
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Yundi College art training 
ADD: Yundi office, north gate of 
fuyang Teacher College, Busin
-ess as usual on holidays(and 
Route express: you can take 
off at Fuyang teacher college 
north gate station when taking  
No.2   or No.15 bus, or at west 
transportation station when take
 No.1, NO.25 or No.26 bus. 
Contact: He, Shen 
Mobile: 18005580908 
Website: www.yundiyigao.com 
Post: 236000

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Broadcasting and presided over the professional 
1, the training objectives
Expression of the relevant units for radio, film and television industry and language and culture
 to support the party’s basic line, with a wide range of cultural knowledge, and artistic standards
 and good professional ethics, and comprehensive physical and moral development, with the
 general auspices of the broadcast basic theoretical knowledge, with Multilingual artistic 
expression skills in all levels of various television stations, radio stations, advertising agencies,
 education, tourism, telecommunications and other enterprises and institutions engaged in
 language arts higher vocational expertise.

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Three, four hundred how to do? Yundiyigao, make your dream come true in the university! ( Bachelor of Arts Tatsu line rate of 98%, undergraduate college entrance examination enrollment rate of 70% or so) YunDi Arts Training Institution Locate...
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